Welding Cap Patterns

For those who prefer to sew their own, QuiltingB offers welding cap patterns and Sewing Instructions

Our Patterns are for our standard 4 panel caps with no bottom band, high crown AND low crown welding caps - both high and low are included with each size. Written instructions and materials list are included.

This page is for actual paper patterns that are mailed out to you.

I also offer the patterns in digital form that is emailed to you in a large 11mb zip file. To purchase digital patterns, please click Here.

We also offer a detailed, fully illustrated, 17 page Sewing Tutorial in Portable Document Format (.pdf). Foxit pdf reader
This 17 page tutorial takes you thru the entire process of sewing a cap, with step by step illustrations. See the wealth of illustrations and written instructions in the 5 sample pages below.

PRICES: Our Welding Cap Pattern and Tutorial Package is only $12.95 and includes FREE SHIPPING to U.S. addresses.

With this complete package, you get:

  1. a pattern of your chosen size: small, medium, large or x-large
  2. this fully illustrated 17 page Welding Cap Sewing Tutorial on a CD
  3. and Unlimited email support, should you need it.

Please note that this one Tutorial will allow you to make a welding cap of any size. (All welding caps are assembled the same, regardless of their size).

When ordering, please specify a pattern size. Patterns are available in 4 sizes - small (20" - 22½"). Medium (22½" - 23½"), Large (23½" - 24½") and X-Large (up to 25½"). Please specify patten size as small, medium, large or x-large. Each size includes both High and Low crown versions.

** For those who wish to purchase a complete Tutorial set with all 4 pattern sizes, I have a discounted package that includes the tutorial on a CD, and all 4 printed paper pattern sizes for a discounted price of $26.95.
To purchase a welding cap pattern, please specify pattern size and method of payment - either Paypal or Money Order.
* Texas residents please add 6.25% sales tax.
Free shipping is for US only.

Canada: I do NOT sell internationally except to Canada. For Canadian orders, I can only accept Money Orders in US$ and drawn on a US bank. Sorry, but due to past problems, I can no longer accept Payal from Canadians. Please add $2.50 for shipping to Canada to offset the additional cost of international postage.

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